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Part Seasoned Logs

Due to the ever increasing cost of the raw material we are always looking for ways our customers can keep the cost of there wood fuel down, buying logs part seasoned is a great way to do this. The best way to reduce the moisture levels to a suitable level for burning is to have at least some of youre logs outside stacked ideally with a sheet over the top and the sides exsposed to the wind, it is surprising just how quickly you can reduce the moisture this way, having the logs outside in the open for 2 -3 weeks will be more effective than 2 or 3 months stacked in places such as garages or cellars.

Another simple but effective way of getting the logs in a position to burn with good performance very quickly is to always have a few days Logs inside stacked near the fire, despite this sounding like a slightly crude method it really does work surprisingly well and is a technique that has been used by people for hundreds of years, if you have the Logs you will be using on a weekend stacked by the fire for a few nights before you use them you are essentially kiln drying them youre self. Remember despite being percieved as highly complex the basic dynamics of most commercial Log kilns is just an insulated container/Lorry back with either warm air or warm water being pumped around from a wood fired source of heat, of course you then have an extraction outlet similar to that in a bathroom to remove the water that is being taken from the Logs but remember you are trying to remove potentially 10 tons of water from massive amounts of timber at anyone time.